Jawaharlal Nehru Senior Secondary Wing

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Dear Parents

“All human beings construct their understanding of things and the most an educational process can do is to provide tools and methods and settings in which children can become better at thinking things through and constructing their own understanding”. Howard Gardner Here at Jawaharlal Nehru Senior Secondary Wing we look forward to nurturing your child. To do and achieve this it is inevitable that each child studying in our school be understood. This understanding has to be mutual between parents and the teachers. The child, who is a reservoir of energy and talents, needs assistance and guidance and here the role of parents is indispensable. Students of the present are at cross roads, bewildered and confused, not sure of what is right or wrong. So we show a great sensitivity and care while interacting with young ones keeping in mind the fast eroding values from our society. Our school believes in making the school not only a place of learning but also a place where their needs are catered to in a harmonious atmosphere.

Let us work in tandem and in a harmonious blend of mutual trust to promote all that is good in your child with the ultimate objective of presenting him/her to the world as a worthy citizen of the state full of all good values individually and competitive universally.

Thank you.