Jawaharlal Nehru Senior Secondary Wing

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  • All students must be punctual in everything required of them to do, beginning with coming to school on time.  
  • Children must move from the bus parking area as soon as they get off and should go to their class rooms in an orderly manner. Thereafter they should come out in lines for the morning assembly.
  • No student should leave the class room without the express permission of a teacher.
  • Movement of students from one room to another should be in a single line and in silence. No student should remain in the class room during the assembly time.
  • All students are expected to take care of the school property and should not damage it. Strict disciplinary action will be taken for damaging property, theft/stealing and other unethical practices.
  • Use of abusive language, physical assault and any kind of misbehavior with other school mates will call for disciplinary action.
  • Use of unfair means in exams will not be tolerated and the particular exam will be cancelled for the student.
  • Student are expected to give due respect and regard to all teachers and employees of the school. Complaints in this regard will be dealt with seriously.
  • Students must throw all the rubbish in the dustbins and not anywhere else. They must make a conscious effort to keep the school premises clean.
  • Students must exhibit at all times the good manners taught in school and at home. They should remember that the school builds its reputation by their behaviour.